Make your favourite super hero plates with this kit. Clay, stencils and paints are all provided for you to make these fabulous wall plates.




Superhero clay plate is a pack that contains everything you need to make your own superhero emblems. Paint them and Hang them on the wall.
This kit will make 4 superhero plates. Chose from the stencils in your pack. Paint them and hang them on your wall.
Inspired by my son who wanted to make superhero plates. We coloured some plates in and then we decided to make them from clay. He loved them and we added to them until he had the full selection. I have since gone on to make these with children of all ages in local schools where i work running my own after school club Craftykidz.

Ideal for a Birthday party or Fiends getting together. More Clay can be bought separately.

Children love to play with clay and this very easy to use kit is a great way to get children involved in the process of making with clay.
The kit has easy to follow instructions and very easy to use stencils to cut out your designs. If you fancy going off piste thats fine too. Create whatever you like with your tubs of clay.

This kit offers you a chance to unwind, relax and have fun all at the same time. All of the tools you need to get creative with clay are provided with this kit. Whether it is for you, or a gift for a friend or loved one, our instruction booklet will provide inspiration to get started. Get together to make a fun party (zoom or with people in your bubble party) Or take some time out to be creative and mindful with this wonderful tactile material. A lovely family activity for all abilities to get creative.

Air dry clay is an incredibly versatile medium used by artists and sculptures of all ages and abilities .It is suitable for a wide variety of arts and craft projects. No kiln required! (If you have access to a kiln it can be fired) It dries hard and can be painted with acrylic paints or ceramic paints. Allow the clay to dry out thoroughly before it goes in the kiln or before painting.

The clay dries naturally within 24-72 hours depending on the size of your project.

This kit contains a range of professional tools to use to sculpt and model your creations.

The kit contains:
4 POTS clay.
Air Dry Clay
Rolling Pin
A variety of sculpting tools.
Cloth wrap
Rolling Pin

Once the air drying clay is fully dry, you can paint it with acrylic or tempera paints and add a varnish coat if desired.
This is an ideal gift for your craft-loving friends, or if you’d like to try your hand at using clay!